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Little Lux Cakes Bio:

I’ve always loved baking and making cakes. I made my very first brownie with my mum when I was 8 and haven’t stopped since! Its been my passion alongside music throughout my childhood and I loved the creativity involved with both worlds. I’m very lucky to be a professional musician, working as an Assistant Musical Director on the West End show ‘& Juliet’, but due to the current climate, I’ve been able to focus fully on my bakes. Having the time to set up my Instagram and discover my signature style has been fantastic. I’m so happy that people seem to be enjoying my bakes and it’s been so nice to be able to fully focus on making orders and meeting so many new people in the baking community around the world


Guildford, Surrey

Best thing about working with Bearcub & Co
I just love what Mel’s brand stands for. Not only is she a super talented designer, but everything she makes is of such a high standard and quality that it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to trial her brilliant new ranges of embossers, toppers and cakesicle sticks. They literally create the perfect blank canvas for me to put my own littleluxecakes spin on and I’m truly honoured to be a small part in this amazing business.
Crumbs' Bio:
So I've never been a baker, I've been a waitress all my life, 17 years exactly. I was a youngish mum, and my daughters school put on a bake off, I wanted so badly for her to win! So I got up YouTube, Pinterest, everything I could to give me some direction on how to make a cake. Looking back it was so bad, but definitely the best of a bad bunch. The other mums at school realised I had a knack for baking cakes so I started making the odd one here and there. Eventually I was baking two three times a week and improving (I hope!) exactly two weeks before lockdown I quit my job to go full time as a baker. It was horrendous timing but with the help and great big push from Bearcub I began making cookies, I thought that this would help me float through lockdown but instead my business flourished and I couldn’t be happier that people click that little red heart when they see my posts on Instagram. It makes my heart so happy. 

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Best thing: 

Best thing about working with Bearcub & Co

Where do I start?! Mel has turned from a business associate to a FRIEND. She’s kind, wonderfully supportive and amazing at what she does. I can text her for an order at 10 at night and it’s ready at 7 the next morning. She’s there for me creatively and has given me so much guidance and advice through this whole process for me. Everything she makes for me is always above and beyond what I expected and I honestly live that I get to work so closely with her. She’s a true gem and one of those incredible girl bosses who champions other women and cheers on other peoples successes. But most importantly her work speaks for itself. Flawless, unique and very Mel in every way

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